Manage Wind & Solar Land Transactions and Responsibilities

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Record of Lease Agreements: To maintain a seamless operation, developers must maintain detailed records of lease agreements with private land owners or public agencies and manage those agreements to ensure there are no lapses in rights.

Risk of non-compliance: Risk of missing a date of an obligation, such as tenure, surface rights, agreements, or permits, which can result in reputational and bottom line harm

Management of multiple systems: Duplicated systems across the organisation, mostly in silos, can be difficult to manage resulting in inefficiencies and non-current information

Trimble provides a proactive solution with a suite of workflow management tools that helps renewable energy companies manage their complex portfolios of land rights and responsibilities, including surface and land assets; agreements and contracts; and regulatory compliance.

Trimble Landfolio is a leading workflow management software that automates and integrates key elements of land and mineral rights management. Built on the ESRI® platform and other industry-leading databases, this completely configurable software solution is easily localized and integrates key workflows, electronic approvals, and notifications to ensure regulatory compliance and consistent internal processes.


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